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Retirement Planning

Whether you are creating wealth or looking to achieve a greater return for your money, Regency Wealth Management has developed the proven techniques to help achieve your targets. With up to date market analysis and an understanding of a clients needs. Our solutions are designed to ensure whatever your targets are; they are achievable!


  • Fine tune the engine of your Investments
  • Access to the world’s Top Fund Managers
  • Ability to invest into a wide range of Mutual funds, Shares and Structured notes
  • Investment terms to suit the needs of each investor

Long Term Focus

  • Choose high growth markets and diversify. Access commodities, precious metals, emerging markets and
    much more
  • Allows your savings to achive huge benefits from diversification
  • Access consistent growth to maximize returns
  • Full control of your savings vehicle with 24/7 online access


  • Regular consultations with your advisor for the life of the policy to suit your changing lifestyle and goals
  • Automatically set your funds to be turned to cash in time for retirement
  • No need for an annuity. 100% access to the fund once the plan is complete
  • Secure your Legacy to loved ones
  • Keep your savings secure and confidential
  • Peace of mind
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