Education Fee Funding

Providing your loved ones and dependants with the opportunity for further study is one the greatest gift a parent can bestow on their child. Providing the opportunity to gain valued qualifications that will give them firm foundations for their future.
  • Fine tune the engine of your Investments
  • Access to the world’s Top Fund Managers
  • Ability to invest in a wide range of Mutual funds, Shares and Structured notes
  • Investment terms to suit the needs of each investor
  • The cost to attend university is ever rising
  • In most cases, university fees are increasing faster than inflation!
  • Planning early can make the difference
Uniquely tailored solutions
  • Regency Wealth Management’s skilled advisors build bespoke education plans to suit your circumstances
  • An advisor will discuss the options available to you and work with you to tailor the plan that matches your children’s needs
  • Regency Wealth Management has experience that enables them to successfully adapt to any scenario

Planning for the future is the mature and wise move to secure the funds are ready when they are most needed.

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