Secure Savings Planning

Regency Wealth Management provides the gateway to access the highest quality providers of personalised savings plans. Security of investments coupled with confidential independent advice can greatly improve your finances. Consistent targets and goals for the future act as foundations for wealth creation. Live 24/7 internet access to your account linked with the personalized service of your dedicated advisor.
  • Fine tune the engine of your plan to be as aggressive or passive as your preferences change
  • Change contributions to suit your circumstances
  • All underlying investments are transparent and easy to monitor and change
  • Terms are available to meet every need
Building for the future
  • Choose high growth markets and diversify your investment.
  • Access commodities, precious metals, emerging markets and much more
  • Allows your savings the benefits of diversification
  • Access consistent growth to maximize returns
  • Full personal control of your savings vehicle
Add more protection
  • Regular consultation with your advisor for the life of the policy to suit your changing lifestyle and goals
  • Secure your Legacy to loved ones
  • Keep your savings secure
  • Peace of mind
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