Matthew and Regency Wealth Management gave me the 5 star treatment. Extremely knowledgeable and good at what they do makes it easy to continue to fo business with them. Highly recommend!

Andrew Martin

Matthew and his team have looked after my account very well. I am very happy with the service and performance of my portfolio. Highly recommend

Kate Bentley

Matthew and his team always worked very diligently when looking after my financial affairs and always worked in my best interest. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

Chris Barnes

Matthew is a very personable & approachable guy who takes time to explain all things financial. Supported by a very capable admin team. Would absolutely recommend Matthew

Alyson Taylor

Great! Matthew is a genuinely great guy to deal with I would recommend his services to everyone who needs good money management. Top marks

P Jay

After a bad experience Regency Wealth management really helped my situation. Matthew understands my needs and actions them efficiently. I am happy to recommend.

Callum Palmer

Very happy with the service and performance from Matthew and his team. Highly recommended.

Harry Bradshaw

Matthew and the team at Regency Wealth Management have been a great source of information for investing and managing of assets. They are always available for a quick conversation or even a long drawn out meeting to make sure you are happy with the performance of your portfolio/assets. I have recommended Matthew and his team of experts in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

John Strikland

Matthew Turner and his team have helped my manage my pension for many years now. I am extremely satisfied with the results. Highly recommend.

Vasily Shelkov

I have found Matt and Mara service truly superb. They are always available and Matt’s approach to investment is spot on.

Rod Ashman

Matthew and his team are skilled professionals, I have worked with them for many years and have received good returns and service consistently. Matthew is always available when I need any assistance. I would highly recommend.

Max K

Matt and his team are professional, accountable, and passionate about what they do. Will definitely seek their advice again in future!

Andrew Philpot

Matthew Turner and Nick are very understanding to my needs. I have worked with them for years and i am very satisfied.

Mark Volkov

Matthew is a trusted advisor and I am very happy with his services. Matthew has managed my investment for many years and he is always attentive to my needs. Patient in his approach and takes the fear out of investing. I would highly recommend Matthew.


Regency help manage my assets and do a very good job of helping me avoid tax – so important when you’re a contractor.

Paul Banks

Matthew is a great advisor and I am very happy with his services. We have worked together for many years and he is very attentive to my needs. Patient in his approach and takes the fear out of investing. Highly recommend.

Andrew Atwood

I have been working with Matthew Turner for many years and I would highly recommend. If honesty, transparency and an excellent service is what you are looking for then you have found both the company and the person. Thanks Matt for all of your hard work over the years.

Anthony Wood

Have worked with Matt for about 8 years now. He has always offered us excellent advice but never pushes us into making quick decisions. He listens to what we want and tailors our options accordingly. He is easy to get hold of and quickly responds to our messages- with Matthew you get the personal touch which is very reassuring especially if you’re not confident in the financial world. I would totally recommend Matthew Turner at Regency Wealth Management.


I met Matthew Turner in 2018 and my choice was right. It has been a pleasure to work with him since then. Matthew is a strong-willed leader who is always trying to find a way or making one. I trust him a lot in making importance decisions.

Ann Nguyen

Matthew Turner has been a good guide to my finances. He is patient with approach and very diligent with his work. He helped when times were tough during Covid and I am very grateful. Highly recommend.

Neel Parti

Mathew from the outset has provided excellent advice based on my situation and presents a range of options for consideration. Would totally recommend a really approachable guy.

Matthew Burkmar