Let me introduce you to the Investment NFT or IFNT for short.

The primary goal of iNFT®s is for initial investors to sell their initial investment for a profit.Exposure to fine art, digital art and a mixed traditional investment portfolio in one exciting new investment strategy.

Pioneering the concept of Investment NFTs , Regency Wealth Management is at the forefront of innovation. It brings Investment and NFTs together into one new concept. The idea is to focus on our strengths as experienced investors and connect it into the digital world. There is a lot of potential for NFTs and hopefully being the first investment NFT we will have advantages over other collections.

The aim of the iNFT® is to build a strong supportive and informational community for an exclusive and select group of clients. As such, we have made the process clear and easy to navigate.

The iNFT® will work with charitable organizations planting trees for a sustainable future. The project will plant 6,600 saplings in total! Return on investment and helping the earth are our goals. Give wildlife a chance to return and support the ecosystem and your back pocket in one initiative.

Receive Quarterly valuations and updates on your investment from Matthew Turner CEO of Regency Wealth Management. Quarterly review meetings for all holders to discuss performance and future financial plans (personal or business).

Building an iNFT® community through RWM’s global client base is the first stage. Connecting clients for networking events and a chance to communicate with all on project anonymously or in person.

Blockchain technology allows for a seamless transaction and secure ownership of your token. Cutting edge technology designed to protect you now and in the future. A core foundation of RWM’s strategy from 2012 our inception.

The art will be produced by the highly talented Dominik Jasinski. Born in 1981 at Rzeszow, Poland and currently based in Portugal, Dom is a painter, graphic designer and illustrator. He graduated from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (2006) and his fields of interests include traditional and graphic art. His work is influenced by the works of the past and modern inspiration.

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