What is the iNFT®️? What is an Investment Non Fungible Token?

An investment? A piece of art? Or a gimmick like most other NFT projects?

In truth it is all of the above.

The name of the first ever iNFT®️ collection is ‘The Eyes Have It’. It has been designed and painted by a professional artist and art exhibitionist Dominick Jasinki.


Dominick is a well-renowned artist who has had his art displayed all over the world, including his live performance of art at the opening of the biggest Reserve store in Europe. He has now turned his talents to Web3 – and has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed Regency Wealth Management to create this beautiful and unique collection.

By now you already know the iNFT®️ contains some truly stunning artwork…

But what other utilities does it hold?

The iNFT®️ is a glimpse into the future – something that could be the first stage of the evolutionary journey to a real value proposition.

Historically, investing began with ploughing funds into agricultural industries to turn a profit on the dividends of food production. Of course – this concept has come a long way since both the industrial revolution and more importantly the internet.

Fast forward to the present day – it is possible to invest in anything; stocks and shares, crypto, forex; gold and many other assets. And most of this can be done on a desktop or mobile device from the comfort of your own home.

The world has changed and continues to change – and the iNFT®️ represents another layer of this change.

We are currently limited by our own imagination – meaning we can only conceive of what we know to be possible (and what our eyes can see). This fact means that new possibilities are slow to be recognised and even slower to be understood.

Even in a post-internet age where an endless supply of information is available – new ideas are often scoffed at when first brought to the forefront (think Bitcoin in 2009.) However, we have been shown time and time again, what we believe is possible continues to evolve and change with technology.

As with all trends – it is better to be ahead of the curve than behind it.

This iNFT®️ project is one such example of something which is ahead of the curve. As well as being an outstanding piece of artwork – as mentioned before they also possess investment utilities.

An investment NFT allows for a more streamlined process to managing your investment portfolio. Currently, you must wade through pages of contracts and legal jargon before potentially hiring both a lawyer and an accountant. You also have to choose between some very different and complex options.

Can you imagine being able to manage your investment portfolio in a way that involves none of this?

Blockchain technology and the smart contracts associated with NFTs allow for this. Transactions are exceedingly simple and quick, with blockchains requiring as little as two crypto currency wallet addresses for the vast majority of transactions.

The eventual aim of the iNFT®️ project is to leverage this technology in a way that allows users to manage their investment portfolio through smart contracts.

The inaugural incarnation of the project means you are buying exemplary art from Dominik Jasinki. You are also able to receiving excellent investment advice from Regency Wealth Management, at a relatively low cost.

Before Covid 19 Regency Wealth Management managed physical offices in three different continents across the globe since their inception in 2012 – Regency Wealth Management are an authority when it comes to asset and portfolio management. They subsequently adapted their business model post covid 19 to pivot towards providing online remote services.

Having lowered costs utilising the latest remote client management techniques – the iNFT®️ was the next logical step in their journey. They have recently launched themselves into the Web3 space to create this innovative project.

Whilst they are just testing the waters at the moment – what the iNFT®️ currently provides is excellent value for money. Once the technology they plan to use is advanced enough – there is no limit to the potential rapid rise of this project.

If you’re looking buy an NFT from ‘The Eyes Have It’ at a low level now – click the link below to view the whole collection.

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