The best retirement portfolio is one that suits your individual risk profile and goals.

Each individual is different even if we all want to be rich. Your goals are unique to your circumstances.

Some may need more liquidity. Others may need more income. Each scenario will determine the best retirement portfolio for your needs.

It is my job as a financial advisor to ensure you have the correct retirement portfolio. I have many years of experience achieving this.

Everyone wants high growth with low risk. This is a standard desire. The real secret is finding the portfolio that matches your needs.

How do I save money and be very frugal?

My top 10 tips:

  • Do not buy what you want when you want. Wait a month and see if you still want it in a month.
  • Save money as soon as you are paid. Do wait until the end of the month.
  • Make disciplined budgets and stick to them.
  • Make food at home do not eat out. Make food in bulk to save further.
  • Use coupons and hunt for bargains.
  • Grow your own food.
  • Compare prices, look for lower cost per ounce or pound.
  • Freeze your meals.
  • Work out from home.
  • Get another job, when working you are not spending money but earning it.

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